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I am going to be straight with you guys. All of the ‘high street providers’ are ripping you off. If you are using them you are paying too much for your Smartphone insurance. Sorry to put it so bluntly! But how can you find someone decent? And how do you know that you can save money? Read carefully below and I am sure that you will learn a few things!

The reason I am so passionate about Smartphone insurance is because I was ripped off for a few months by the large ‘high street mobile phone providers’. I cancelled my insurance, and then proceeded to have my Blackberry stolen. I couldn’t believe it. I was an angry man, and it cost me over £400.

Let me tell you about 3 of the top tips I discovered when I finally got my act together:


1. Go with an Independent Insurance Company

On average from the research that I carried out, I found that an independent Smartphone insurance company will save you 22%-25% per month, not to mention the no claims bonus discussed below in point 3.

The most important thing you have to worry about when using an independent company is to make sure that the company you are using are FSA (Financial Services Authority) Regulated. Its extremely important – you may get ripped off otherwise. Also, you must make sure that the following is included within you policy:

Fraudulent calls – Yes, most thieves take advantage
International cover – Make sure you are covered overseas.
Water damage – probably the most important as most claims are due to this mishap.
Theft – 1.3 million mobile phones were stolen in the UK during the past year. Crazy!
Loss – Another very important inclusion. Many companies will not offer this, but its compulsory.
Extended warranty
Accidental damage

2. Try using your bank

In this day and age its a bit of a rarity for your bank to offer anything for free. They are pretty much hated wherever you are in the world! They have been bailed out by the tax payer in the UK, yet they still receive large bonuses. Anyway, if you hold a premium account with Lloyds TSB you will be able to cover your phone for free. Yep! Just be aware that you will have plenty of paperwork to fill out and will probably lose a quite a bit of the phone value in excess payments. But probably better than a poke in the eye!

3. Make sure you push for a ‘No claims Bonus’

This is a very cool little smartphone insurance ‘add on’ which very few people would even know about. If you find a very good independent smartphone insurance company, they will offer whats called a ‘no claims bonus’. In a nutshell, you should be given the equivalent of a brand new battery after 12 months without a claim, and the equivalent of a brand new latest model phone after 24 months without a claim.


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