Why Would You Want To Rent A PDA And How Should You Do It

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You probably heard of the possibility of renting a PDA an a daily basis. This can be hiring an iPAQ, a Palm or what ever other PDA you’re interested in so your needs are met. Some people may ask – why should I rent a PDA? So let’s take a look at the scenarios in which you may consider a PDA rental:

1. Your own PDA in now being repaired. This is obvious – your PDA is broken or malfunctions and it’s being repaired. You are used using a PDA to help you with your busy life and work tasks, so you’re looking for a replacement. The great thing here is that you can take the memory card from your own PDA and plug it into the rented one and this way you will not lose any of your own data.

2. Your own PDA was stolen – this is the least pleasant of all scenarios. If your PDA was stolen, you may be on the market for a new one. Meanwhile, you don’t want to go without a pocket pc, so you go ahead and rent one.

3. Your notebook computer is being repaired/stolen – If you own a notebook computer and it’s now not available due to being repaired/stolen, you may want to consider renting a PDA in the computer’s stead. Of course, you can rent a notebook computer, but the renal fees are much higher for them. Consider renting a PDA instead and lowering your expanses.

4. You want to make an impression – let’s say you have a very important business meeting, and you really want to make a great impression. Many people will go ahead and rent a suit, an expensive wrist watch etc. So why not rent an expensive looking PDA as well? This can go a long way to complete the great impression you want to leave with the people you meet.

5. You want to test out a PDA – You heard good things about a certain PDA and want to try in out for a few days before buying. You can rent in for a day or two and try it out, while spending only a few dollars instead of buying it right off the bat.

OK, so now that we are clear on the main reasons why someone would want to rent a PDA, we can take a look at a few tips about the actual renal process:

1. Make sure what brand of PDA you want. If you already own a PDA – that is easy. You rent the same one you already hove. If you don’t own one, take a look at the different models and pick the one that is best for your needs. There are big price differences. For examples, pdarentals.com offer an iPAQ for $9/day + shipping, a Palm IIIxe for $2.50/day + shipping, or a Palm Professional for $1/day + shipping. So make sure you choose the most suitable deal.

2. Do a little research before you rent. Try to find a reputable renting agency that has good service and reasonable prices. You can look for them over on the Internet, or in your local business directory. Always ask for references.

3. Make sure you have insurance. What happens if the rented PDA breaks down or gets stolen while it’s rented to you? Make sure you’re covered.

As you can see, renting a PDA can be a very comfortable solution for a number of situations. Just make sure you rent at a good agency and you’re all set.


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